My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Sports

1.1. Football

1.1.1. Business idea:Football Coaching Service

1.2. Watching baseball

1.3. Playing sports with my family

2. Hobbies

2.1. Video Games

2.1.1. Design a Video Game

2.2. Hanging Out with my Friends

2.3. Eating

3. Church

3.1. Volunteering to work

3.1.1. Go on a missions trip to teach people the word of God

3.2. Listening to the word of God

3.3. Strengthening my faith

4. Family

4.1. Hanging out with my Family

4.1.1. Starting a cleaning service for homes

4.2. Going camping with them

4.3. Being a good sibling