Wendy's vs McDonald's

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Wendy's vs McDonald's by Mind Map: Wendy's vs McDonald's

1. Payment

1.1. McDonald's

1.1.1. The Average Salary at McDonald's in California is $7.79.

1.1.2. Local McDonald's in Tracy,CA does't pay workers how they should.

1.2. Wendy's

1.2.1. The average salary at Wendy's in California is $7.72.

2. Environment

2.1. McDonald's

2.1.1. Local Tracy, CA will do favoritism.

2.2. Wendy's

2.2.1. working to make the world a better place by reducing our impact on the environment.

2.2.2. Very structured environment

3. Benefits

3.1. McDonald's

3.1.1. Promotes within the company

3.1.2. Free uniform tee

3.2. Wendy's

3.2.1. Flexible with time.

3.2.2. Half off meals

4. Cons

4.1. McDonald's

4.1.1. Isn't very flexible with time

4.1.2. Isn't very flexible with time

4.2. Wendy's

4.2.1. Long hours short breaks