My Interest

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My Interest by Mind Map: My Interest

1. Writing

1.1. Assistance

1.2. Reference

1.3. Instructional

1.3.1. Writing service which offers references or one and one help with certain aspects of writing (aka sonnets, poetry, essays, etc)

2. Video games

2.1. Walkthroughs

2.2. Expertise

2.2.1. Video games service where people can post solutions for how to solve puzzles or compleete quests for variety of games

2.3. Discussions

3. Animals

3.1. Training

3.2. Hospitality

3.2.1. Service which shows best shelters to leave pets at when away on vacation

3.3. Raising

4. Drawing

4.1. Tutorials

4.2. Support

4.2.1. Art service for artist aiming to give them a site with resources to help them draw (human references, animal references, techniques, vocabulary, different types of drawing)

4.3. Recommendations