My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Music

1.1. recording

1.2. radio station

1.2.1. my own radio station/studio that records local bands, plays their music, and plays some music that I enjoy as well

1.3. introducing

2. Baking

2.1. pastries

2.2. special events

2.2.1. my own shop that sells pastries

2.3. catering

3. Traveling

3.1. hotels

3.2. authentic tours

3.2.1. my company would organize vacations where the costumer would have the most authentic experience

3.3. food

4. Concerts

4.1. tickets

4.2. promote bands

4.2.1. my outdoor venue would allow bands and musicians to perform

4.3. outdoor events/festivals