My interests

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My interests by Mind Map: My interests

1. Sports

1.1. Play basketball

1.1.1. I have played it almost 8 year

1.2. Swimming

1.2.1. I have learned it for 5 years

1.3. Hang out with my friends

1.3.1. Just play together

1.4. Play football

1.4.1. I have never played it before but it's so exciting

2. My family

2.1. my father

2.1.1. Work for government

2.2. my mother

2.2.1. Work for government

2.3. my grandmother

2.3.1. Work for government

2.4. My brother

2.4.1. A student, study in America

2.5. My aunt

2.5.1. Work in a company

3. Learning

3.1. I am studying in Ontario Christian High School.

3.1.1. I am a frehman

3.2. I am in 10th grade.

3.3. I love math best

3.3.1. Because I'm good at math

3.4. I am interested in Church history

3.4.1. It's the local history, I am very interested in that.

4. internet

4.1. Play games

4.1.1. Play computer games with my friends

4.2. Listen some music

4.2.1. Pop music or rock music or Jazz

4.3. Watch video

4.3.1. Some kind news

4.3.2. Some kind news

4.4. Change some data of the game

4.4.1. It's easy to play a game.