Professional Development

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Professional Development by Mind Map: Professional Development

1. Iowa's Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW)

1.1. Check out-Center for Authentic Intellectual Work.

1.2. Positive Outcomes

1.2.1. This initiative has produced positive outcomes among third grade students through eleventh grade students. The vast majority of the students scored “significantly higher” on the four subjects evaluated (Carmichael & Martens, 2012).

2. Resources




3. Promising Practice; Develop intensive teacher professional development programs that focus intentionally on 21st century skills instruction.

3.1. Goals

3.1.1. Improving student achievement

3.1.2. Increasing student engagement

3.1.3. Build school wide professional culture focused on improving instruction

3.1.4. Enhance 21st century skills among educators

4. North Carolina, New Literacies Collaborative at the Friday Institute

4.1. Check out-

4.2. Focus Areas

4.2.1. Innovations in teaching and learning

4.2.2. Education workforce development

4.2.3. Evaluation and policy analysis

4.2.4. Technology to enhance K-12 education

4.3. Positive Outcomes

4.3.1. Promotes global connections

4.3.2. Brings educators together to develop instructional solutions

4.3.3. Develops problem solving skills

4.3.4. Increased student engagement

4.3.5. High performance inquiry based learning

5. Challenges

5.1. Lack sufficient funding

5.2. Some educators are not comfortable utilizing new technology

5.3. Some educators may not be comfortable changing their traditional teaching methods

5.4. Solutions!

5.4.1. Evaluate successful outcomes

5.4.2. Collaboration and communication with districts that already have similar professional development systems in place

5.4.3. Build community awareness

5.4.4. Build educator and stakeholder awareness

6. Implentation

6.1. Require educators to participate in trainings that reflect a variety of 21st century skills.

6.1.1. Focus on communication and collaboration skills, team work, flexibility, creativity, etc.

6.1.2. Train educators to become proficient in media and technology use.

6.2. Promote ongoing education