Mud - analytical strategy

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Mud - analytical strategy by Mind Map: Mud - analytical strategy

1. Characters

1.1. 2. Characterization of the persons

1.2. I would also like to have look at the complex way in which the characters move between love and friendship.

1.3. I would also like to see what Ellis shortlasted relationship means."

1.4. Mud on the other hand is hiding behind lies, false truth and his charisma.

1.5. Mud Begins to help other people and become less afraid. He stops hiding and seeks out to help his friends.

1.6. I would like to analyse the relation between Mud, his love and his old friend.

1.7. Relationships between the persons

1.8. Characterization of the persons

1.9. Bescause, Neck and Ellis is friends and both become friends with Mud.

1.10. Ellis and Mud's relation also have great impact on the story. Since they both change eachother.

1.11. The other scene is when Ellis confronts Mud blaming him for lying and for his false friendship. Then Ellis falls down in the snake pit, where Mud shows his good side, saving Ellis and helping him to the hospital, without regards for his own safety.

1.12. Ellis begins to be afraid of losing and starts keeping secrets.

1.13. The first is when Tom and Ellis talk about Mud, When Tom tells that Mud is a liar, and he aint good for nothing. He keep putting Mud in a bad light (which is the truth). But Ellis denies him Because Ellis have not yet seen the lies Mud makes. Ellis have full trust to Mud at the given time.

1.14. Ellis is honest and straigthforward in any way, he ain't afraid of anything.

1.15. The characters developments

1.16. Relations

1.17. Especalliy Ellis and Mud

1.18. "First of all; we want to focus on the characters, but only the ones whom has an important part in this story: Ellis, Neckbone and Mud.

1.19. ellis and Mud's lovers

1.20. ellis and his dad and mom

1.21. Mud and tom

1.22. ellis and Mud

1.23. Firstly, we think it is important to look at Ellis and Mud because they are important to the actions. The persons around them have a big influence on how the act and think.

1.24. Character: Mud and Ellis

1.25. first of all its important to look at the main characters Ellis and Mud, because they are really important and the central for the movies plot.

1.26. Ellis and Mud's relationship

1.27. There are many important relationship to talk about and analyse for example Mud and Ellis, Mud and Tom, Mud and Juniper, Ellis and Neckbone.

1.28. "We think that this film is basically about Mud and Ellis, how their situation are and how their relationship develops through the story.

1.29. Again Mud and Ellis play a big part with their individual issues

1.30. And the last thing we are going to look at, is the ending to see how the characters have changed and how they approche difficult situations.

1.31. We could focus on other characters, but that wouldn't be as important, although, we would look at the other characters. For example, we wouldn't look at Ellis' parents, but we would look at HOW Ellis looks at his parents.

1.32. 4. relationships between the persons.

1.33. The relation between Ellis and his friend could be the related to the friendship above, and the relation between Ellis parents is important.

2. Environment

2.1. 3. environment.

2.2. Environment

2.3. Settings

2.4. Then we will take a look at the setting, because the setting reflects the main characters situation.

2.5. I would also describe the setting.

3. Themes

3.1. Friendships

3.2. "The two main themes in the story is Truth and lies.

3.3. Because, through the whole movie there is challenges for the main characters, Mud and the two boys.

3.4. "We want to analyse on the central issue: Friends

3.5. The story tries to bring up who's lying and who is telling the truth.

3.6. Why is this movie about growing up? "

3.7. "I think the movie is about growing up, and true love/friendship. We see how Ellis and Mud progress in various, material as well as symbolic, ways.

3.8. 5. Centrale aspect of growing up.

3.9. Divorces

3.10. Love

3.10.1. Because, it´s going way too fast for the boys. They´re getting involved in a lot grown up stuff, they should not have been involved in.

3.10.2. Also we want to analyze on the central issue: Tempo

3.11. 6. Message.

3.12. Challenges

3.12.1. We also want to analyze on the central issue: Challenges

3.13. I would also relate the story to the central aspects of growing up.

3.14. Trust

3.15. Which central aspects of growing

3.16. We heard the theme of this story wasn't ""Growing up"", but what is it? And what difference does it make?

3.17. Idolism

3.18. we wil focus on the them love,trust and heart broke.

3.19. When we have analyzed the characters, we would then look at the plot and the problem in this movie. What is this movie about? What is the problem?

3.20. An then i would end it with finding the theme and the message of the story.

3.21. Love

3.22. Parenting

4. Symbols

4.1. Symbols

4.2. I would like to see if the persons hunting mud are a symbol for something.

4.3. I would like to find evidence that the fact that the river symbolises growing up for Mud and moving to the apartment symbolises growing up for Ellis.

4.4. And the symbol in the film that connect to the themes fx. the snakes.