Shared Knowledge often changes over time

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Shared Knowledge often changes over time by Mind Map: Shared Knowledge often changes over time

1. Math

1.1. Theories are cumulative and build on each other

1.2. A manmade concept

1.3. Guided by reason, if this theory is true, then the other is true

1.4. Could be changed, or disproved, but right now the math theories function as they are

1.5. Right now they are true

2. History

2.1. Historical documents reflect what was true at the moment

2.2. Builds again on the past, but also different depictions of what happened could be true

2.3. In a way, there are multiple stories in history at a time, so shared knowledge is different

2.4. so maybe should not be confident, per say, but wary, confident in the history of the discovery

3. Science

3.1. Theories must be based on experiments

3.2. Built on other theories and discoveries

3.3. But if something is not true, it does dismantle the theory

3.4. But confidence should be given to the knowledge right now

3.5. If it is proven to be true by experiments and believed by the common population, it must be true at the moment, does not have to be forever

4. followup questions

4.1. does knowledge have to be shared

4.2. does knowledge become knowledge if people become confident about it

4.3. if we weren't confident in shared knowledge, what would happen?