Success is caused by:

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Success is caused by: by Mind Map: Success is caused by:

1. Direct Inquiry

1.1. Failure is important.

1.1.1. Having meaningless praise doesn't work.

1.1.2. Children can learn they can change their IQ

1.2. Trying to customize teaching has the same result as not trying to customize teaching

2. Parents

2.1. Saying someone's smart doesn't help because kids can't control intelligence. Saying someone works hard helps.

2.2. Qualities needed for marriage is in parenting & financial stability-???

2.2.1. self control

2.3. How to raise successful children.

2.3.1. Comparing is good if motivating

2.3.2. You work hard, they work hard

2.3.3. Success is having an interesting life

2.3.4. Help children find themselves, whoever they may be.

2.3.5. Be demanding-about the right things at the right time

2.3.6. Give your children a voice

2.3.7. Teach children to value what they have

2.3.8. Say what you mean

2.3.9. Be a good role model-be calm and have all the qualities you want your kids to have

2.3.10. Don't avoid emotions-don't bottle it up

2.3.11. Incorporate problem-solving

3. Stress

3.1. Stress in childhood=worse life

4. Character

4.1. Character strengths=graduating from college

4.2. Self control=better life, less problems, graduating from college.