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Super Admin

Can split/merge groups

can split/merge accounts?

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Configure User Data Integration (e.g. which fields are supplied by


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Has Profile, Data from external sources, Link to external source for editing data, Read only, Cambridge/NYU simple LDAP, Read/Write, Data edited by user, Can control data visibility (privacy settings), Data edited by others?, Can nominate profile maintainer, Can accept request from another user for them to become maintainer of my profile, Has portfolio, Has additional portfolios for special audiences, Can add content to portfolio, Can control who sees portfilio

Can create group, Can control membership, Can invite members, Set group to open, Set group to 'on-request', select/operate request management workflow, Closed group - by invitation only, Can directly add/remove members, can use contact list, can use search/browse, Can block/suspend members, Can allow/prevent members leaving, Can use external data, Can link to external membership list, closed group - external list controls membership, external list informs member status (not really about controlling membership needs more definition - badge concept?), Can upload membership file, Can control visibility (group privacy settings) default=members visible?, set from template, set manually, Can control Group Profile (add 'features'), view members, intra-group communication, Can control who is able to do what, Can add group administrator, Can delete group if no other administrators, More sophisticated deletion rules, Can define and assign roles (beyond admin/member), Can place the group into hierarchies, Hierarchy controls permissions, Hierarchy doesn't control permissions, Hierarchy determined by external data, live link, uploaded file, Can prepare group before 'go live', 'go live' on preset date, 'go live' manually, Can preview as role member, Can give group a 'life cycle', by date (start - end), by rule (e.g. inactive for 6 months, Can create sub-groups, May not use full group features, Can auto-define from membership rules, Rules of sub-group can be different to parent, Sub-groups open/closed to non-members of parent, Can clone existing group

Can manage group, Export data, export membership file, export list of sub-groups, Can apply work-flow to accepting content, Accept automatically from people/groups, Accept after vetting, Vetting by individual/group/role, Can Block contributors, Can change place in hierarchy (if permitted), Can delete group, Can apply deletion rules/workflow, Last admin can delete, Can edit group profile/details

Can create Resources, Can upload multiple files as Reources, Can share with individuals/groups, Can download for editing, Can allow others to download, Can add/remove administrators (change owner), Must create Profile (IPR, Tagging, etc.), Can set privacy, Can view admins, Can contact admins, Uploaded files scanned for viruses, Can add upload workflows, Can process thumbnails/previews on upload, Can issue admin warnings about file type/size, etc., Can apply upload rules (e.g. max file size), Can create content links as Resource (e.g. URL, video embed tag, Libraries), Must create Resource Profile (IPR, Tagging,Local title etc.), Streaming Video content (with thumbnail) from external server, Can create content containers/collections (e.g. reading list from content links) as Resource, Must create Profile (IPR, Tagging, etc.), Can clone Resources, Can edit files via download, Can download in a different format (e.g. Word -> PDF), Can access previous versions, Sling OOB only, Can see what's new

Can Create Content Container/Presentation (site), Can create pages/spaces, Can share with individuals/groups, View only, Collaborate, Administer, Can edit content and add widgets, Discussion, Wall, Forum?, Thread ?, Pedagogical Thread, Grading, Tracking, 'Sociable' content from social bookmarking sites etc., DSpace widget, iTunesU, RSS Widget, Can PLACE content on page/space, Placement metadata can include learning objectives, grading criteria, etc., Appropriate content player if needed, Must create Profile (IPR, Tagging, etc.), Can compose from content elements, Can 'reuse' page, Can clone a page, In current context (site), To new context (site), Turn a page into a template, Can be used to create pages in new context, Can preview as user/role, Can create site navigation, [discover site by multiple paths], Can associate site with group, Hierarchy may control permissions, Can associate site with tag hierarchies, Hierarchy doesn't control permissions, Can classify site, Portfolio, Network, Project, Course, Can create site from template, Versioning, Sling OOB only



Can browse public pages/spaces, Can view public pages/spaces, Can edit public pages/spaces if permitted, Can create public pages/spaces if permitted

Can browse people public information

Can browse events public information, Can view events, Can create events, Can edit events, Can create event series

Can browse shared resources

logged in

Can browse groups (public/shared with), Can Join open groups, Can request membership, Can contact administrator, Multiple views, Most active, Last viewed, By hierarchy, Tag cloud, Can follow group?

Can Browse People, Can invite people as contacts, Can chat with contacts, Can see activity of contacts?, Can "follow" people

Can browse pages/spaces (public/shared with), Can edit pages/spaces (shared with as collaborator)

Can Suggest group to potential member

Can browse content, View related content, Most viewed content, Highest rated content, View by tag/tag hierarchy, View by personal map/desktop layout

Can interact with content, Can comment, Can rate, Can have Q&A with others, Can download content

Can network, Can find and invite contacts, Can chat with contacts, Can see if contacts online, Can see activity of contacts, Can classify contacts?, Can remove contacts, Can annotate contacts

Can Search anything anywhere

If content is 'placed' in Sakai from outside Sakai, then it will be indexed, but externall sources will not be indexed in their entirety  

Full text search

Keyword search, Free text keywords/tags, Controlled keywords/tags, Ontology, Thesaurus, Word list

Faceted results filtering

Institutional Administration

can set features of many groups at once?