Facial Fitness PAO

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Facial Fitness PAO by Mind Map: Facial Fitness PAO

1. material

1.1. Thermoplastic polyurethane

1.2. stainless-steel

1.3. polycarbonate+ABS plastic

2. Background

2.1. device by Hong Kong-based firm Shun Hing Life & Beauty (SHLAB)

2.2. from Japan

3. Purposes

3.1. build up facial muscle

3.2. shape up your smile

4. Who will use it?

4.1. person who want to have a charming smile

5. price

5.1. aroundHK$990

6. How to use it?

6.1. hold PAO in your mouth and swing the ends of the bar up and down

6.2. do the exercise 30 seconds, twice a day

7. Spokesman

7.1. Cristiano Ronaldo

8. Functions

8.1. training five main muscles which related to smile line