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E-book by Mind Map: E-book

1. Background Information

1.1. History

1.1.1. Like when and where, and I think maybe we can focus on "how". How to make it, how the idea comes (should have funny story?), how does it spread out

1.2. Classification of e-books

1.2.1. Like some website has e-books that has to be pay for, some are free... some e-books writer they really publish books, but some are just online writer -> in fact this includes the copyright problem

1.3. Development nowadays

1.3.1. Except for the numbers, I think we can include videos showing how schools or offices use e-books, and also introduce those new functions

2. Changes

2.1. Problems formed

2.1.1. Copyright

2.1.2. Health Problems

2.2. Advantages

2.2.1. Money-saving

2.2.2. Portable (survey) maybe we can focus on the help of learning, as people may be willing to read e-books when they are on the street -> this helps self-learning

3. Popularity

3.1. High

3.1.1. High level of technology nowadays

3.1.2. New trend of using eBooks nowadays

3.1.3. More environmental friendly

3.2. Low

3.2.1. High price