Your friend offers you a cigarette at a party.

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Your friend offers you a cigarette at a party. by Mind Map: Your friend offers you a cigarette at a party.

1. - Say yes - Say no

1.1. Consider the Consequences YES - You will reinforce relationship with that friend - You have social value - You (think) look cool - You are the 'life' at the party NO - You are not drawn into the addiction of smoking - You have healthier lungs - You will avoid illegal smoking (considering you are under 18/21)

1.1.1. Identify Your Values My family has a strict rule against illegal drug consumption, smoking and drinking I personally believe that doing bad things to your body is not good for your health, so I try to avoid it, no matter how 'fun' it might sound Decide and Act Here are the steps that I would take hypothetically: 1) I would kindly refuse, by saying that I would, "really rather not" 2) If the friend keeps on consisting that I try one, it depends on the relationship with the friend: - If I have a strong relationship with the friend and I want to keep the relationship going on, I would either: take the cigarette outside and discreetly throw it away OR I would make up a white lie on how I should not take cigarettes because of a medical condition OR I would promise I would do it next time OR I would change the topic subtly - If I do not have a strong relationship with the friend and I do not want to keep the relationship strong anymore, I would either: say no and try to avoid him OR I would just move onto another friend Evaluate the Results How did your decision work out? I would have either avoided illegal smoking, had healthier lungs, avoided smoking addiction (which can lead to further addiction) but broken the relationship with the friend OR I might have had a smoking addiction, died of lung cancer, but always have been known as the 'smoking child' and strengthened the relationship with the friend. How has it affected your life? If I declined the offer, I would not have been on a road to smoking addiction (which is very hard to quit), I would have had healthier lungs and healthy in general. If I accepted the offer, I would probably have been addicted to smoking, and smoking would have probably caused some serious side- effects for my body. How has it affected others? My family (parents especially) would probably be very mad and sad that I am smoking (assuming I get addicted, which is very likely) and since they were serious smokers as well, they would try to convince me to quit smoking. Some of my younger relatives (siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces) might be 'inspired' by me and start smoking themselves. What did you learn? I learnt that one small decision in your life may change the outcome of your life in the future. Always think before you act! If you could do it over again, what would you do differently? If I did accept the cigarette at the party and I had the chance to do it again, I would refuse.