Problem: You find a wallet with money in it in the school grounds

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Problem: You find a wallet with money in it in the school grounds by Mind Map: Problem: You find a wallet with money in it in the school grounds

1. Explore the Alternatives One alternative is to keep the wallet, and the cash. Another alternative is to return the wallet to the office for the office aids to hold until the owner comes to find it.

1.1. Consider the Consequences For the first alternative, keeping the wallet, it could be risky. First of all it would make you feel bad about keeping the wallet with the money, and you know it's someone else's. Also it could get the owner of the wallet into a lot of trouble with his parents, or if there was money in there for something important. For the second alternative, giving the wallet back, it would make you feel good about yourself. You overcame the challenge of keeping someone else's money and wallet and you know you did the right thing. Also there is a great chance for the wallet to get back to it's owner, and you basically saved someone's day.

1.1.1. Identify Your Values Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, and by following those well valued rules of society it could have a long-term effect on you and the wallet owner. You basically saved someone's day and the wallet owner just got back one of the most important items they own. By returning this wallet, you could value yourself, and did the right thing. Decide and Act Obviously, returning the wallet is the best decision to make. Although by obtaining the wallet, you would gain some instant cash, but when considering your morals and values, it is not the right thing to do. You should take the wallet to the office and give it to one of the aids. Also, if you already know the person who owns the wallet, you could give it to them directly. Either one would be a good choice. Evaluate the Results After you give back the wallet, the person would probably thank you many times. Especially if there was something in there that they really needed like an ID or a apartment key card. By returning the wallet, there really is no way for someone to be angry at you, only happiness will come from this action