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1. advantage

1.1. 1.Clean

1.1.1. Does not produce greenhouse gas or other pollutants during generating energy

1.2. 2.No operating cost

1.2.1. Energy can be generated without any monitoring work or other input and no operating cost is needed

1.3. 3.Protect envirnoment

1.3.1. Unlike using other fossil fuel , using solar energy will not produce exhaust that is harmful to the environment .

1.4. 4.Abundant supply

1.4.1. As long as there is sunlight , the supply of solar power can be limitless

2. History

2.1. First model

2.1.1. Invented in 1897,application only include boiling of water

2.2. First solar powered steam engine

2.2.1. Invented in 1908,the engine was powered by low pressured water

2.3. First solar thermal power station

2.3.1. Built in 1913,Egypt,had a 45-52 kilowatt engine

2.4. Development paused

2.4.1. In year 1930,due to the discovery of cheap oil and the outbreak of WWI,the advancement of solar energy is discouraged and the development is frozen until 1970s

2.5. Attention draw back

2.5.1. Starting from the 1970s,people started concerning more on the pollution problem and they turn to seek a cleaner energy source which encourage the development of solar energy even until now

3. disadvantage

3.1. 1.Immature Tech

3.1.1. Despite it's long history , the technology of using solar energy or collecting solar energy is still immature while comparing with those using fossil fuels.

3.2. 2.High cost in manufacturing related facilities

3.2.1. Equipment for collecting solar energy or converting solar energy are relatively expensive while comparing to those of using fossil fuels

3.3. 3.Limited land supply

3.3.1. Solar energy requires lots of land for collecting the sun beam , hence it is difficult for small-scaled cities to develop such tech

3.4. 4.Unstable supply

3.5. Relies heavily on the sun , so places like London with very limited amount of daylight cannot properly develop solar energy

4. Application

4.1. Solar-powered vehicles

4.1.1. "World Solar Challenge" An annual event held in Aus where contestants from all over the world go to Australia to compete using vehicles powered by solar energy

4.2. Solar-powered water filter

4.2.1. Use Solar Energy to purify water that is contaminated by virus/bacteria etc

4.3. Solar Charger

4.3.1. Use Solar energy to charge a wide range of cellphones or other electrical gadget

4.4. Fully transparent solar cell

4.4.1. Function as normal solar panel but is fully transparent and may be used as windows