Internet Team Activities

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Internet Team Activities by Mind Map: Internet Team Activities

1. System Administration

1.1. Hardware Management

1.1.1. HW Installation

1.1.2. Licence Management

1.2. Software Maintenance

1.2.1. Health Monitoring

1.2.2. Pangea System Administration Deployment of hotfixes Deployment of regular releases Deployment of weekly fixes

1.2.3. System Maintenance Security Management User Management FISMA Requrement Patch Management OS and Application Management

1.3. Other support

1.4. Problem & Incident Troubleshooting

2. Pangea Development

2.1. Software Testing

2.1.1. Function Testing

2.1.2. Performance Testing

2.1.3. GUI Based Testing

2.1.4. UA Testing

2.1.5. Regression Testing

2.1.6. Security Testing

2.2. Development

2.2.1. Support Development Writing Unit tests Build Server Improvements Package Master ConfigTool

2.2.2. Core Product Development Debugging New Features Refactoring and Code Maintenance

2.3. Product Management

2.3.1. Phase 1 - Inception Stage (strategic) Concept Researching Market Needs Vision Feasibility Study Definition Preparing Business Cases Writing Product Requirements Writing Detailed Specifications Technical Specification

2.3.2. Phase 2 - Development & Launch (tactical) Development Product Launch

2.3.3. Phase 3 - Post Launch (strategic & tactical) Revisiting Overal Product Vision Public Relation (promo, blogs, social networks) Conducting presentations and Demos Updating internal documents (documentation, how-to, hints) Supporting the product Monitoring the marketplace

3. User Support

3.1. Incident & Problem Management

3.2. Handling new feature requests

4. Design

4.1. Operational Design

4.2. Strategic Design