How Web 2.0 can help businesses

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How Web 2.0 can help businesses by Mind Map: How Web 2.0 can help businesses

1. RSS(Really Simple Syndication) pulls information from the internet and stores it automatically on the computer to be viewed at a later stage. In business people are not always free to do research, this system allows them to save time and yet do work efficiently.

2. Blogs allow people to tell others about certain experiences, give out opinions and give links to other websites.

3. It is fast and gives data and services, which businesses can ultimately use to be more efficient and knowledgable.

4. Wikis make it easier for colleagues to collaborate ideas and modify plans as well as brainstorm without being physically present next to them.

5. Mashups and widgets are services which allow others to experiment with existing ideas, collaborate them and in the end coming up with something completely new which make the business unique.