crap detection

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crap detection by Mind Map: crap detection

1. teaching crap detection at young age

1.1. add crap detection to the curriculum

1.2. .gov, .edu, and .org are credible websites

1.3. elementary and high schools

2. people who are involved in subcultures naturally crap detect

2.1. gamers

2.2. let children surf on the internet

3. check author of website/article

3.1. contact publisher/author

3.2. look at credentials

4. find more sources on the same subject

4.1. triangulate

4.2. use different search engines

5. layout and structure of website/article

5.1. too many links or too little links

5.2. is it easy to get around

5.3. presentation

6. experience makes crap detection easier

6.1. implicit skills

7. wikipedia

7.1. good start to searching for credible sources

8. break down search into small units

9. develop better crap detection skills as technology advances

10. use


11. pomposity