My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Being Outdoors

1.1. Playing softball

1.2. Going camping

1.3. Traveling

1.3.1. Business Idea: Travel Agency

1.4. Going to sporting events

2. Technology

2.1. Going on social Media

2.1.1. Business Idea: Professional Blog site

2.2. Watching videos on Youtube

2.3. Texting and calling friends and family

2.4. Watching T.V

3. Family and Friends

3.1. Going to Disneyland with my family

3.2. Having movie nights with my family

3.3. Talking to my friends at lunch

3.4. Going to family events

4. Working with Film

4.1. Editing Film on the computer

4.1.1. Business Idea: Film Production Company

4.2. taking pictures on a camera

4.2.1. Business Idea: Photographer

4.3. Watching different movies

4.3.1. Business Ideas: Movie Critic

4.4. Making short random movies