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The Converting of All Isrealites to Monotheism by Mind Map: The Converting of All Isrealites to Monotheism
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The Converting of All Isrealites to Monotheism

2. The Death of King Solomon Brings Tension Between the South and the North

During Solomon's reign Southern Israelites, Exodus Jews, develop tension and had internal conflicts between the Northern Israelites, because they still hold onto polytheistic views.

After Solomon dies tension between Hebrews and Jews become stronger and they split into two rival kingdoms.

After the last king dies the Exodus Jews and the Hebrews, have so much tension that they split, but the Hebrews will follow the Jews later after an attack by the Assyrians.

1. Kings of the Empire: The returning Jews joined with the Hebrews, the ones who never left Egypt, to conquer the natives in Canaan and many others, bound only together by their belief in God and their kings.

First defeating the Amorites, native to Canaan, they had a new much bigger threat the Philistines, so they decided that they needed a singer ruler to help defeat them, King Saul.

Saul (1020-1000 BC) fought the Philistines to gain control over Canaan.

After King Saul had committed suicide, he was replaced by King David (1000-962 BC)

Solomon, son of David, became the last king

3. Assyrian Invasion

The Assyrian attack against the Hebrews of Israel in the North. (722 BC) The Assyrians invade Israel and as a result the Diaspora begins (Spreading of the Hebrews)

Hebrews begin to wonder why is this happening to us?

4. Babylonian Invasion

Two centuries later in 587 BC, the Babylonians attack Judea (the monotheistic Jews) and put them through a Diaspora- start asking why being attacked.

Ask why being punished if already monotheistic - come up with conclusion must convert others

All of the Jews have shifted to monotheism and established that God is the universal God (only one)

With shift came idea of Messiah- who would free them from the Babylonian rule

After the Babylonian Invasion and Diaspora, it resulted in the spread of the idea of One Universal God, it is amazing that it survived in such a hostile pagan world and even spread farther then the Jewish population

Temple destroyed by Babylonians, but reconstruction is assisted by Persian king Cyrus, who also freed Jews from Babylonians

5. After the invasions, Monotheism fought for survival as pagan cultures continue to occupy Judah. Judah remained an independent monotheistic state, until they taken over by the Seleucids, or the Greeks (by Alexander the Great).

Now under Greek control, Seleucid King Antiochus IV Epiphanes attempts to forbid practice of Judaism and tires to turn temples into pagan temple dedicated to Zeus

After the Greek occupation, Judah fell under the occupation of the Romans

Much conflict because of Roman oppression and their pagan gods so revolution would begin

6. Paul brings the idea of a universal God to the Greeks allowing for this monotheistic religion to survive