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Online Shopping by Mind Map: Online Shopping

1. Purchase intention

1.1. Plentiful types of products

1.1.1. Buy something interesting and unusual

1.2. Cheaper prices than walk-in shopping

1.2.1. Save money

1.3. Convenience

1.3.1. Save time

2. History & Backgroud

2.1. Developed from Internet, banks, and also the Modern Times Logistics

2.2. New shopping system

3. Pros

3.1. No "Shopping time limit"

3.1.1. people can shop and buy things whenever they want

3.2. people can search what they want easily

3.3. Plentiful types of products

3.4. Low business cost

4. Cons

4.1. No guarantee

4.1.1. people can only see the photos in the web, but not the real product. the final product might be different from the original one

4.2. Delay

4.2.1. Consumers cannot get their own products in time after pay.

4.3. No after-sales service

4.4. Online swindle

4.5. Leak of personal info.

5. Online customers

5.1. Habit of using online shopping

5.1.1. Frequency once per day ? week ? month ?

5.1.2. What items ? e.g. Books? Clothes? Accessories? Daily necessities?

5.2. Background

5.2.1. Gender M F

5.2.2. Age Teenage? Middle age? Old age?

5.2.3. Family Circumstances Rich? Poor?

6. Tools

6.1. Amazon

6.2. Taobao

6.3. Ebay

6.4. PChome