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The Future of Networks by Mind Map: The Future of Networks
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The Future of Networks

Originating Idea that people are networks in itself and a common denominator is established by what each person brings to the common denominator based on their representation.


Venessa Miemis

Gabriel Shalom

Open World

Heaven without evolutionary tension is tantamount to hell. Peace without creative friction is tantamount to death. Heaven is Life at the peak of its ecstatic intensity. Peace is Passion at the pinnacle of its dynamic balance. Heavenly peace is therefore intensely lively and joyous. Otherwise we would be damned to boredom of permanent monotony. No intelligent person would ever take it.


Noah Raford

Pip Lightbody

Mark Essel

Michael Lewkowitz

Josh Letourneau

Sam Rose


Bernd Nurnberger

Open World

Gene Becker


Sean Eret

Wojtek Walczak

check out this book: “NETOCRACY: the new power elite and life after capitalism” by Alexander Bard and Jan Soderqvist. I am reading it simultaneously with your recent posts and it plays well together.

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