The Difference Between Input & Output Devices

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The Difference Between Input & Output Devices by Mind Map: The Difference Between Input & Output Devices

1. Input Device: Webcams can be used to capture still and video images for communication use in the virtual classroom

2. Input Device: Scanners can utilize images to incorporate into teaching materials or presentation programs to create effective lecture support visuals - Scantron is used to grade and track student progress

3. Input Devices

3.1. Computer peripheral used to enter data into a computer

3.2. Keyboard - Controls the computer and gives software commands

3.3. Mouse - Used to give commands, make selections, and move objects on a computer screen

3.4. Scanners - Convert hard copy to digital data

4. Output Devices

4.1. Components of computer hardware that move processed data out of the computer

4.2. Monitor - Displays information in soft copy (electronic form)

4.3. Printer - Displays information in hard copy (printed form)

5. Challenges

5.1. Creativity with custom labels, digital photos, and various other specialty output media

5.2. The human interaction element is challenging for input devices

6. Benefits

6.1. Teachers can access online resources or stored instructional files from anywhere they can access a wireless hot spot, in or out of the classroom