ResQ Video

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ResQ Video by Mind Map: ResQ Video

1. Fire Footage- POV shots(In house) and Hose use.

1.1. Cut in shots of Wallet- Possibly black background, rotating

1.2. Possible production cut ins.... before showing finished product?

1.3. • part of the proceeds go to support Firefighter Charities

2. Introduction

2.1. Video of Jesse and Jason - "Twintro"

2.2. Show actual wallet and usability

2.2.1. Hand Shot- Showing functionality (Money and Cards in and out)

2.2.2. Flipping wallet over, showing all sides

2.3. Compare wallet to normal wallet

2.3.1. Show side by side

2.3.2. Show in pocket difference

3. Features and benefits

3.1. Functionality of the wallet

3.1.1. Different Scenarios in Different settings

3.2. Who can use it?

3.2.1. Everyone- Show all types of people using

3.3. What is it made out of?

3.3.1. Cut of fire hose being prepped?

3.4. Show durability of wallet

3.4.1. Holding up something... Being submerged... etc. Party setting. Pushed in the water, pulls out wallet and sets on side of pool Motorcycle Stress test? Or towing a car? Ran through the wash machine- to clean

4. Interview

4.1. Story behind the wallet

4.1.1. See attached story

4.2. Struggles

4.2.1. Construction

4.2.2. Prototypes

4.2.3. Hurdles to overcome

4.3. To make enough to survive...

4.4. Up to you to help make this prototype a reality

4.5. Please and Thank You

5. Epic Music