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This thesis is the Bomb by Mind Map: This thesis is the Bomb
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This thesis is the Bomb

Extending the mental model work of Peter Senge

what's the landscape around mental models? how has this concept been modified or extended?

discovering the mental models of the person you're working with

inside ring - current technical skills/exposure to technology

middle ring is attitude

attitude toward self - how well do I learn? how smart do I think I am? do I think I can learn technology? what have been my past experiences with learning technology?, note from my own experience - changing this ring is the result of a consistent effort. there must be strong willingness on the part of the participant.

outside ring is environment

where are you working? is this a good place for new ideas? what's the soil like? do I have any power over that?

Breaking down those models


replacing old visions with new

address old ways of thinking when they arise

a series of probing questions. why do you think so? what happened last time you did this?, is this too personal? it could get there. we should be careful.

Building new ones

new skills

part of this is new tools, open source software, search engines, shortcuts in Office, wikis

new attitude towards self/tech

we don't have any power over changing environment. microenterprises can change their own environment, usually.

it's my hope that changing the inner rings will change the outside.

IT Workshops

using the software in terms of problem definition

problem collection



hands on experience - no guru touches a computer.

might be a constant review of the signals a person is sending out. verbal and nonverbal cues of mental models - where do I get this information? how do I pass it to my fellow gurus?

our gurus will need training in this

pretest and post tests, administered through the software

the questions will be about the current mental model of the participants. they will indirectly measure those elements, while the gurus will indirectly measure through the course of the day.

will need the gurus to reflect on each of their experiences, as well. this will provide valuable information.

perhaps as journalling for the iit4d class?

monk video starts it out.

Measuring impact

follow up interviews

how many?

how often?

stats from the pre and post tests

am I absolutely sure that the inner ring is skills? because it could be attitude...