Aura - "the number one Spray tanning brand worldwide"

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Aura - "the number one Spray tanning brand worldwide" by Mind Map: Aura - "the number one Spray tanning brand worldwide"

1. Target auduence

1.1. 80 Disttrubutors

1.1.1. Entrepreneurs - often men Managed by women often Active in Social Media & Forums Which platforms? Buying activity motivated by competitors

1.1.2. Often rebranded Want to use 'Aura Inside' AKA 'Intel Inside'

1.2. Tanning Salon owners / Independents

1.2.1. Which platforms? How do we find out?

2. Strategy

2.1. Which channels?

2.2. What is the strategy?

2.2.1. Is it all about content?

2.2.2. How do we connect with the Distributors? Ads? Outreach?

2.2.3. How can we show off the brand?

2.2.4. Tanning Salons & Sole Traders Competitions Win a Spray Tan

2.3. Content

2.3.1. Type of content Micro-posts Imagery / Photography Imagery & Artwork Micro-copy Infographics Video Hyperlapse Photography

2.3.2. Tone of voice Category leadership attitude Premium Service leadership Highly engaging and response Innovative Smart, clean, clear language Leaders in technical excellence Intel inside strategy Feminine Informal, helpful responses

2.3.3. Topics Industry news and commentary Expert tips topics with solutions and tips Monitor the forums, write content and seed Choosing equipment Costs Running costs Reliability How to's Spray around Equipment in action Spray tan solutions compared Small Business (Tanning Salons) Insurance Things to consider Sales support Aura equipment Features & benefits Ranges Image examples (click)

2.4. Getting in front of the right people / Promotion

2.4.1. Distributors Outreach?

2.4.2. Tanning Salons / Sole traders Facebook Ads Twitter Outreach

3. Competitors