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Hamlet by Mind Map: Hamlet

1. Sexuality and incest

2. Ur-Hamlet

3. Laertes' sister

4. Hamlet's effort to avenge the murder of his father

4.1. influence of Greek and Roman classics

5. sembolizes friendship,confidence

6. influence of Renaissance

6.1. human characters with psycologically complexity

7. even monarchs are given human emotions and can make mistakes

8. extreme love for Hamlet

9. new vision of life different from the Middle Age

9.1. new freedom for artists

10. revenge

11. tells Hamlet's story, restoring his name

12. nephew to the present king Claudius

13. revenge tragedy

14. Elisabethan period

15. psycological complexity of Hamlet

16. main representation of the dual nature of women

17. innocence and fragility

18. Polonius' daughter

19. Death as Leimotiv

20. Ophelia

20.1. dual nature of women

21. milestone in the development of reinassance drama

22. Hamlet's friend

23. Time

24. Background

24.1. written in around 1600

25. Genre

26. Characters

26.1. Gertrude

26.1.1. King Claudius' wife Queen of Denmark

26.2. Hamlet

26.2.1. Getrude's son mother of Hamlet

26.2.2. relation with Ophelia

26.3. Witnesses King Hamlet's gost

26.3.1. Horatio

27. Plot