Timo Riikonen

My interactive CV. Note links to elsewhere also.

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Timo Riikonen by Mind Map: Timo Riikonen

1. Employers

1.1. >3 years

1.1.1. 4½ years Senior Domain/Business Architect 3 years IT Architect 1 year Service Manager 4 months Projects E2ELVM Nokia - 1 year Consumer Database Nokia - 1 year 10 months

1.1.2. 4½ years Miscellaneous Team Leader and Architect Process Analyst Testing Manager Software source control solution IT solution performance improvement on car insurances HR - recruitment software Projects Pension Insurance Project 2 years 1 month

1.1.3. Rissa & Järvinen 5 years R&D Director Senior Developer Field Service Mobile Solution eCommerce Web Product Catalog Automated tool to create publications from database data Integrations and integration tool

1.1.4. Tieto Telecom 3½ years OCR & ICR recognition systems Perhaps the largest OCR+ICR system implementation in Finland. Customer: Nordea Internet solutions 4GL software

1.2. <3 years

1.2.1. Current

1.2.2. 4 months CTO

1.2.3. Intellipocket 4 months Lead Architect

1.2.4. ½ year Data Analyst BI, business intelligence, master data management, data analysis

1.2.5. 1½ year Development Mgr Designed the new Struts based architecture and supervised its implementation.

1.2.6. 2 yrs part-time Research Assistant UNIX Administrator

1.2.7. Tokyo, Japan 4 months One man project that created functional video chat software

1.2.8. Edita Publishing 2 yrs part-time DTP Vector graphics TurboPascal software

2. Summary

2.1. Additional Info

2.1.1. Interests

2.1.2. Personal Details

2.1.3. Contacting tir (at) iki.fi +358 50 482 1911

2.1.4. Hobbies Bicycling (summer only) Gym Family I have been chess coach to my son. His top achievements are five Finnish championship in School Chess Team and one in quick chess in his age class. I speak English to both of my children and they both reply in Finnish to me.

2.2. Description

2.2.1. Experienced Data/Solution/IT architect I have been an architect for almost 10 years and on overall I have IT experience for over 20 years. My main strength is in that I can see both the big picture, what is really that matters in the end, and the technical details that can otherwise cause unexpected problems. I have also specialized to data analysis, business intelligence and Big Data.

3. Education

3.1. Studies & Degrees

3.1.1. Datanomi - Amiedu

3.1.2. 127 credits - HUT/Aalto

3.1.3. One year - VCU

3.1.4. 7 months - ProAnalytics

3.2. Publications

3.2.1. Improving Heavily Swapping Mach 3.0 OS

3.3. Certifications

3.3.1. PMP - Project Manager

3.3.2. ITILF - ITIL Foundation

3.3.3. CSM - Certified ScrumMaster

3.3.4. MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

3.3.5. IQ: 148

3.4. Courses

4. IT Skills

4.1. IT Architecture

4.1.1. Data Architecture Designed several databases on many projects Trainer internal course in Accenture: database design Designed two Hadoop databases

4.1.2. Enterprise Architecture Nokia: Participated in enterprise/domain architecture group in UK (the only participant from Finland) Domain architect of After Sales in Nokia TOGAF

4.1.3. Solution Architecture JEE Java ASP/VbScript

4.1.4. Security Architecture LDAP Architected distributed access mgmt mastering solution E2E security analysis of CRM solution Designed security solution for Nokia Music to remove PIN codes

4.2. Data Analysis

4.2.1. Big Data Hadoop Hadoop DWH Industrial Internet Environments Data Architecture

4.2.2. BI Visualization Public example (Tableau) Excel with pivot tables Automatically refhressed content

4.2.3. BI Content MS BI tools SSAS SSRS RapidMiner

4.2.4. Data Content & SQL MS SQL 2008 and older MCP certification MS SSIS Oracle DB2 MySQL

4.2.5. Business Gaming Top 3 gaming KPIs

4.3. Analysis

4.3.1. Gaming Analysis on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

4.3.2. Politics, finance and insurance Why is Russia starting cold war II?

4.4. Environments

4.4.1. Cloud AWS Mobile client integrations Solution Architect Associate Hybrid Internal cloud

4.4.2. Windows Starting from Windows 3

4.4.3. Linux and UNIX UNIX administrator in Aalto U

4.4.4. Mobile Windows Android Online HTML software

4.4.5. Tablets

4.5. Integrations

4.5.1. ETL MS SSIS CSV format

4.5.2. SOA, REST, SOAP Architect on two SOA applications in Nokia XML format

4.5.3. Big Data & EL Third party library Hadoop Nokia

4.5.4. Queues JMS JIRA

4.5.5. Data content CRM PDM ERP B2B Commerce Catalogs

4.5.6. Authentication and authorization LDAP Architected distributed access mgmt mastering solution Windows domains MCP certification Created document templates in Nokia

4.6. Gaming

4.6.1. Analysis on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood See from IT Skills --> Analysis and IT Skills --> Data Analysis --> Business.

4.7. Processes

4.7.1. I have designed software development processes to Tecnomen (merged as Tecnotree)

4.7.2. ITIL Certification

4.8. DevOps

4.8.1. Jenkins

4.8.2. Issues & bugs JIRA IBM Rational

4.8.3. Version Mgmt ClearCase GIT

4.9. Software Engineering

4.9.1. Java + JEE Spring REST + JSON

4.9.2. Pascal

4.9.3. C

5. Connections

5.1. See LinkedIn

5.2. Recommendation - available upon request

6. Other skills

6.1. Languages

6.1.1. Finnish Native

6.1.2. English Native: writing, reading & vocabulary Excellent: speaking & listening

6.2. Management

6.2.1. Manager <5 team Several team of 10+

6.2.2. Processes I have designed software development processes to Tecnomen (merged as Tecnotree)

6.2.3. Board of Directors Board member in Rissa Solutions I recommend Board of Directors to utilize practice where every other time they focus on past success or failure and every other time to focus on future such as R&D.

6.2.4. Management Board Board member is Rissa Solutions

6.2.5. Project Mgmt Certification: PMP by PMI Institute Agile Project Mgmt I have designed software development processes to Tecnomen (merged as Tecnotree) Certified Scrum Master

6.3. Ideas/ingenuity

6.3.1. Thinking Big

6.3.2. Artificial Intelligence and Technology Singularity

6.3.3. Read other examples from this link:

6.3.4. IQ 148

6.4. Learning

6.4.1. Assuming that my ideas and opinions are any good, there is a plenty of proof here in that I can learn a "foreign" topic, such as artificial intelligence, gaming KPI, global politics, or government finance. Most foreign topic though is Kim Kardashian as I am neither female nor a teenager.

6.5. QA

6.5.1. CMMI

6.5.2. Testing Mgr