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self-affirmation by Mind Map: self-affirmation

1. Personal Relationship with Art

1.1. Psychologically based for artist.

1.2. Very Process based

1.3. Repetitive motion, Ritual Nature

1.4. Self-soothing nature of the work for artist

1.5. Examining own psyche, while still playing with the viewer and their reactions ( prior work was more ambiguos as to its meaning for the viewer)

1.6. Should I try and make these connections slightly less obvious ? What would that look like?

1.7. Do not think that can be figured out until diving into the Process of creating.

2. Deeper Thoughts/ Meaning of Practice

2.1. Working on Classic Push and Pull

2.2. Warm and Inviting familiarity and nature of statemets used. Also off putting

2.3. mixing notions of the "uncanny" again as in TRACE

2.4. return to Psychology and Educ. Background, looking at individuals ability to assimilate or accommidate the dichotomy they are presented.

3. Materials

3.1. Build off Fibre Art of prior work

3.2. Use embroidery on unusual surfaces/materials

3.3. counted cross stitch mixed with free stitching

3.4. Perhaps even use materials other than embroidery floss for stitches ie rubber, wire etc.

4. Historic Context Brought with Fibre

4.1. Women's work

4.2. Feminism (not sure I want to relate to this)

4.3. Women with nothing better to do ie home sweet home pillows, perhaps could have used self affirmations on their pillows.

4.4. Todays world women trying to do everything, complete opposite of 'crafting' culture of past

4.5. Have we really come so far that we don't need these same statements.

4.5.1. I am good enough, I am beautiful, I am worthy