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chapter five:B2B-EDI --Ecommerce by Mind Map: chapter five:B2B-EDI --Ecommerce
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chapter five:B2B-EDI --Ecommerce


a system

after all research is done

put under one tab

hit one tab instead of research each time

Value Chain

SCM-Supply chain Management

Logistics, purchasing, orders, vendors, products, receipts, payment

upstream, finished product-all that went into it

downstream, to customer

each dept adds value

in class exercise

finding products on internet

how much time to find one item

do we need to do this each time?

software for quick link purchasing


exchange between 2 computers

standardized invoices etc


computer 1 to computer 2

no middle man

costly: leased line

major trust issues


value added network

1 intermediary

audit trail


virtual private network

no audit trail



financial electronic data interechange

automated clearing house

bank-to-bank intermediary


private stores

private store within a web

eg. IBM with Okanagan college

500 per web OK/1000 not so good

custom portal

knows you/your needs

guides you through site to suit you

eg. amazon for individuals