Early Americas_Inca_Religion

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Early Americas_Inca_Religion by Mind Map: Early Americas_Inca_Religion

1. Instructions

1.1. Click on the "bullseye" icon next to a topic to open things up; click on the link icons to link to other maps, topics, and multimedia; read the map from top to bottom, and from left to right. Wander and wonder!

2. Google

2.1. Google Scholar

3. AskJeeves

4. Bing Videos

5. Bing Images

6. DuckDuckGo

7. Start Here: Aspects

7.1. Google Translate

7.2. timeline: Andean civilizations

7.3. color coding

7.3.1. main points

7.3.2. proper nouns or adjectives

7.3.3. places

7.3.4. time reference

7.3.5. concepts

7.4. Inca_Index

7.5. nascent monotheism

7.5.1. ... does not prevail how later rulers

7.6. authority

7.6.1. rests with... hereditary divine emperor how concept

7.7. gods

7.7.1. vast pantheon headed by the... Inca Sun-God

7.7.2. of... conquered peoples ... are appropriated concept

7.8. ceremonies

7.8.1. Virgins of the Sun evolve from... an earlier cult of the... concept virginity and the sacred Google Google Scholar Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo

7.8.2. human sacrifice of... war victims some children “chosen women” concept a society fueled by blood ritual is the key to the clockwork mechanism of the universe Google Google Scholar Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo

7.9. mummification

7.9.1. of... dead emperors seated on... paraded on... meaning concept

7.9.2. Google Google Scholar

7.9.3. AskJeeves

7.9.4. Bing Images

7.9.5. Bing Videos

7.9.6. DuckDuckGo

8. ReligionMaps