Teaching & Learning: Where am I now?

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Teaching & Learning: Where am I now? by Mind Map: Teaching & Learning:     Where am I now?

1. More competent teaching in my own subjects.

1.1. French

1.1.1. Junior & Senior Cycle

1.2. Italian

1.2.1. Junior Cycle

1.3. English

1.3.1. Junior Cycle

2. More organised

2.1. Class Lists

2.2. Class Year Plans

2.3. Behavioural Charts

2.4. Homework

2.5. Test Results

2.6. Lesson Plans

2.7. Evaluations

3. More professional attitude & tendancy to be stricter.

3.1. Due to an awareness of school rules & policies and knowing my students better.

4. More confident in my own abilities

4.1. Due to successful classes and classroom ideas, student feedback, DV8 reflection & positive supervisor comments.

5. More comfortable in school environment

5.1. Due to experience, getting to know teachers and students; and helped greatly by the routine of the 3-week block.

6. More aware of the running of the school

6.1. School Rules

6.1.1. Uniform

6.1.2. Lateness

6.1.3. Sickness

6.1.4. Bullying

6.1.5. Punctuality

6.1.6. Homework

6.2. Staffroom Etiquette

6.2.1. Seating Areas

6.2.2. Lockers & Pigeon Holes

6.2.3. Computers; logging on/off

6.2.4. Noticeboards

6.2.5. Eating/Cleaning up arrangements

6.2.6. Work Areas/Desks

6.3. Timetable Breakdown

6.3.1. Class Times Shorter school day on Fridays

6.3.2. Mixed Ability in Junior Cycle

6.3.3. HL/OL in Senior Cycle

6.4. Additional Roles of teachers

6.4.1. School Development Planning Officer

6.4.2. Year Heads

6.4.3. Guidance Councellors

6.4.4. Pastoral Care Team

6.4.5. TY Co-Ordinators

6.5. School Policies

6.5.1. Lack of homework policy in my school I researched this for my Action Research Project

6.5.2. Strict anti-bullying policy

7. More knowledgable about the curriculum

7.1. In my own subjects; JC/LC requirements

7.2. Transitions from primary to post-primary

7.3. New Subjects: SPHE/CSPE

7.4. Subjects that were unavailable to me in school: Woodwork/Construction

8. More informed in specific areas

8.1. SEN

8.1.1. Aspergers Syndrome

8.1.2. Dyslexia

8.1.3. ADHD

8.2. Needs of incoming 1st Years

8.2.1. Cairdeas Programme Pastoral Care Team Fifth Year Help/Participation

8.2.2. Year Head

9. Interested in improving my own professional development

9.1. Studying English to degree level as I currently have first year English but would like to be able to teach it.

9.2. Studying Spanish further as I currently have a certificate in Spanish from NUIM

9.3. Brushing up as Gaeilge

9.4. Keeping up-to-date regarding ICT

10. More willing to try new things in the classroom

10.1. Less afraid of failure.

11. More adaptable

11.1. Less likely to need strict lesson plans.

11.1.1. More creative in class.

12. More responsive to constructive criticism

12.1. As a result of watching two recordings from DV8 and seeing my failings first hand.

12.2. Due to numerous supervisions and conversations with supervisors.

12.3. After seeing the successes and shortcomings of peers in the DV8