Module 202: Using Copywrighted Works By: Melanie Flatter

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Module 202: Using Copywrighted Works By: Melanie Flatter by Mind Map: Module 202: Using Copywrighted Works       By: Melanie Flatter

1. What is copyright law? Laws to protect the rights of authors to control the use of original literacy, dramatic, musical, artistic, or other intellectual works created in a medium of expression such as physical or electronic.

2. When can you use someone else's work? 1. When copyright has expired and the work is considered public domain 2. When permission has been obtained from the original author or copyright holder 3. When utilization of the work qualifies for the Fair Use exemption

3. Public Domain: copyright expires 70 years after death of original author for works developed after 1978, 95 years after date published for works before 1978, and any work published before 1923 is considered public domain

4. Fair Use = states that under certain conditions, copyrighted works may be used for teaching, research, scholarship, criticism, journalism, parody, and similar purposes with permission from the copyright holder.

5. Factors of fair use.... purpose of the use of copyrighted work, nature of the copyrighted work, proportion of the work used, effect of the use on the potential market

6. How much of a work can be used? Depends on type of media and there are different conditions for each

7. The TEACH Act (Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002)

8. TEACH Act designed to address need for clarification of permissible uses of copyright works in distance learning contexts