Events for Persia

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Events for Persia by Mind Map: Events for Persia

1. Tax revolts in northern Persia

1.1. A: Order the governor to restore order in the province - 70%

1.1.1. A: Defeating peasant rabble takes a bit of time, so leave the matter to local authorities. 50% Full-scale revolt in northern Persia! Ottoman Empire Russia Britain Persia

1.1.2. B: The lack of progress shows that this is a serious and urgent matter - send in the royal Cossacks! 25% As per option C "The Cossack Brigade at northern Persia

1.1.3. C: The Constitutionalist movement is behind this - and we have ignored their pleas for way too long. Seek to start secret negotiations with the local revolt leaders. 25% The Constitutionalists demand us to step down from the throne Refuse Accept

1.2. B: The Shah is merciful and compassionate - reduce the taxes of the struggling farmers - 20%

1.2.1. A: Local leaders in other parts of Persia complain about northern tax exemptions A: We do not owe them any explanation - do nothing. 50% B: Promise to start a tax reform program. 25% C: We cannot alienate the local landowners - cancel the northern tax reductions 25% Full-scale revolt in northern Persia! (Event chain)

1.3. C: A minor revolt is soon a major rebellion unless we act fast - send in the royal Cossack Brigade at once!

1.3.1. The Cossack Brigade at northern Persia A: I want to hear the lamentation of their womenfolk - crush the revolt with extensive force! 50% Full-scale revolt in northern Persia! (event chain) B: Execute their leaders, imprison the mid-level revolters, and offer amnesty to the rank-and-file. 25%