Online Safety Module 203 by: Annie Handrick

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Online Safety Module 203 by: Annie Handrick by Mind Map: Online Safety Module 203 by: Annie Handrick

1. Maintain Commercial Security Software

2. Turn Your Device Off

2.1. The longer your device stays on, the more vulnerable it is to viruses

3. Download From Reputable Sites (And Read Reviews)

4. Update Operating System and App Software

5. Secure Your WiFi

5.1. Put a password on your WiFi

6. Configure Browser Security Settings

6.1. Block cookies so that the website can not access your personal information

7. Validate Email Before Downloading Attachment And Clicking Embedding Link

7.1. Do not open emails from unfamiliar addresses

8. Don't Click Popup Windows

9. Turn Off Email Preview Panes

10. Avoid Phishing Scams

10.1. Do not enter any personal information unless on a secure website

11. Use Varied And Strong Passwords

11.1. The better the password, the harder it is for someone to hack your account

12. Clean Social Media Accounts

12.1. Remove any pictures that you would not want a future employer to see

12.2. Never post information about dates that you will not be home because it makes you vulnerable to break ins

13. Avoid Geotagging Services

13.1. Disable geotagging on your phone so that people can not see your location in every picture

14. Shop Smart Online

14.1. Never enter credit card information on a website that is not secure

15. Monitor Your Credit Rating

15.1. Puts you at a lower risk of identity theft

16. Back Up Your Data

17. Use Filtering Tools

17.1. Keeps children safe from the dangers of online browsing

18. Monitor Online Behavior

18.1. As a teacher, you must watch what the children are doing on the computer in order to keep them on task

19. Implement Usage Policies

19.1. Helps diminish inappropriate behavior while online

20. Design Lessons The Minimize Risk

20.1. Be specific with instructions and always use credible sites