Personal Literacy Narrative

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Personal Literacy Narrative by Mind Map: Personal Literacy Narrative

1. Start off with a future, grandmother version of myself telling a story

1.1. "I hate reading, Grandma!"

1.1.1. "Do you want to hear a story when I was your age?" --> Starting point on telling MY story How I started reading/writing I used to make loops and scribbles and think I was writing cursive (5 yrs.)

2. Best reader of my class

2.1. always awarded "Book Worm" Award in school

2.1.1. Most A.R. point throughout elementary and middle school (1st-8th grade) Read mostly fiction novels, as well as history novels. Learned to read "in depth" in Highschool. Went to an extremely rigorous high school. I was taught to annotate everything I read and saw (books,, newspapers, movies, plays, etc...)

3. How great reading was for me, and can be for you... blah blah blah

3.1. how I felt that I was on an adventure with every book I read

3.1.1. Reading gave me the ability to leave this work and discover others I used to hide in my parent's walk-in closet and read with a flashlight, so as not to be disturbed. Last thing: "Books are the greatest weapons in the world! Arm yourself!" --Doctor. Who