Module 202: Using Copyrighted Works

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Module 202: Using Copyrighted Works by Mind Map: Module 202: Using Copyrighted Works

1. The Copyright Act has been amended several times

2. Copyright laws Originate with Article 1 of the US Constitution

3. Copyright laws have evolved over time with the growth of technology

4. With every new inovation copyright law is tested

5. Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind

6. The internet has proved to challenge copyright laws head first.

7. The Teach Act allowed teachers to copy certain instructional books.

8. congress passed the first U.S copy right act in 1790

9. when VCR technology challenged the courts to interpret what type of recording

10. the teach act is also applicable to blended learning enviroments

11. art work and images are often copy writed

12. under certain conditions copyrighted works maybe used for teaching

13. US copy writed laws have evolved over 2 centurys

14. Permission to use work insulates a teacher from the treat of infridgement

15. The amount of copyrighted work that is legally usable varies depending on media type

16. There are 5 main copyrighted medias

17. The decision to use copyrighted work must not be preplanned

18. the actual udilizeaton must be short and presyce

19. use of copyrighted must not have negitive cumilitive effect on the markt of the work

20. when copyright expires it is considered public domain

21. copy right law is complexed and often inturritive

22. fair use is and important provision copyright law

23. universal studios and Walt Disney sued Sony for copyright infridgment

24. copyright infringement is probably the most misunderstood law

25. copyrightn is manifest at completion at the work

26. copyright protection expires 70 years after death of the author

27. expiration depends on when the work was published