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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Friends

1.1. Emily: She is also my cousin, but Emily and I have been friends all of my life.

1.2. Emma: We met through CISV, and we traveled to Portugal together.

1.3. Kasey: We used to play softball together when we were younger, and she traveled to Portugal with me as well.

2. Hobbies

2.1. CISV: This is a program that allows people from all over the world to meet and become friends in other countries.

3. Goals

3.1. College: After high school, I plan to go to college, but I am unsure which college.

3.2. Good Job: I hope to be successful and get a good job after college.

4. Family

4.1. Mom: My mom is named Robin, and she is a retail manager at Eddie Bauer.

4.2. Dad: My dad's name is Chris, and he is an attorney.

4.3. Sister: I have a 10 year old sister named Peyton.

4.4. Brother: I have a 16 year old brother named Nick.

5. Worries/Fears

5.1. Spiders: I do not like spider at all because they are very creepy and disturbing.

5.2. Getting Into A Car Crash: I am always scared that something will happen when riding in the car, like when cars are coming off of the highway.

5.3. Getting Lost in the Ocean: I don't like the idea of not being able to contact someone or see land anywhere.

6. Pet Peeves

6.1. People burping and blowing it in my face: I think this is absolutely disgusting and it bothers me very much.

6.2. Toilet paper rolling on the bottom: It really bothers me when the toilet paper does not come up from the top on the roll.

7. How I Spend My Days

7.1. School: I go to school most days of the year, and going to school takes up most of my days.

7.2. Friends: On the weekends, for exampe, I like to do things with my friends like have a sleepover or go to the movies.

8. My Identities

8.1. Daughter: I am my mom and dad's daughter.

8.2. Middle Child: I have an older brother and a younger sister.

9. Music, TV, Video Games, Etc.

9.1. Finding Carter: I watch this show when I have free time such as on the weekends.

9.2. 5 Seconds of Summer: I like and listen to their music when I do somthing like my homework.

10. Things I Know About

10.1. Baking: I am not a professional baker, of course, but I do know enough to make many different desserts and things.

10.2. Older Music: My dad listens to what I consider older bands so I know a lot of older songs.

11. Memories

11.1. Going to Sweden: I went to Sweden in the summer of 2012 with CISV for one month.

11.2. Going to Portugal: I went to Portugal in the summer of 2013 with CISV for two weeks.