Great Depression

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Great Depression by Mind Map: Great Depression

1. Stock market crashes

1.1. People selling stuff to make a quick buck

1.1.1. all tried to sell everything at once and it failed no more money to spend all money has gone bankrupt due to all the spent money

2. productivity and uninployment

2.1. due to more products there were no more people to buy them witch caused jobs to go down.

2.1.1. every stock market that was first class went to middle class due to the family who could not afford them so they became non wealthy people. the people who owned businesses had to stop buying products because people were loosing their jobs

3. americas reaction to hoover

3.1. he tried to make it possible to make idmitiate loans but failed due to the amount of money in crisis.

3.1.1. farmers had to dump out milk because of the shortage of money so no milk was being sold.

3.2. 1 out of 4 people had lost money they had got 50% less on there money.