Process Abstraction

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Process Abstraction by Mind Map: Process Abstraction

1. Category

1.1. Where does this process live in the global ontology?

2. Definition

2.1. What is it?

3. Articulation

3.1. What are the steps?

3.1.1. Written steps

3.1.2. Video

4. Variables/User-Specific Factors

4.1. What elements must be input/changed to suit the end-user? Such as usernames, passwords, URLs, company-specific content.

5. Roles

5.1. Who are the roles necessary to perform the process?

6. Resources

6.1. What resources are necessary to execute the process?

6.1.1. Tool

6.1.2. Reference Media

6.1.3. Sample (Final Product Sample)

6.1.4. Template

6.1.5. Worksheet

7. Output/Outcome

7.1. How do you know the process has been executed successfully? What is the result/output?

8. Related Processes

8.1. Similar, complimentary, alternative, predecessor or successor tasks to this one