Spring Break 2010

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Spring Break 2010 by Mind Map: Spring Break 2010

1. (Tuesday 3.16.10) Helped out my mom with the house work. Had a random party. Texted my friend Talisa happy birthday.

1.1. (Monday 3.15.10) Went to the movies with the family. Had a good time.

1.1.1. (Sunday 3.14.10) Went shopping at San Marcos. Got a lot of new clothes at Aeropostale! (Saturday 3.13.10) Went to a party with my mom,sister,brother and Annie,my mom's friend, and her kids at a ranch. It was a pretty cool party. I even met a horse named Kennedy, who loved to play around. Had a blast!! (Friday 3.12.10) Had a BBQ at my house with the family and some friends of my mom.

2. (Wednesday 3.17.10) Went bowling with the family,Annie and her two kids Jacob and Jesse. After that we went to Taco Cabana.

2.1. (Thursday 3.18.10) Went to the park with Jacob,Jesse,Annie,my brother David and my sister Damaris. Jacob,Jesse,David and Damaris played together because they're about the same age (8-10) while I played with some other guys about a little older than me.

2.1.1. (Friday 3.19.10) Went to Ingrim Mall with my mom. Got some new Hollister shirts! (Saturday 3.20.10) Went to a debut. Didn't sleep until like 4am! (Sunday 3.21.10) Went to a wedding.