Define the Problem The problem is that students are facing is too much stress from homework.

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Define the Problem The problem is that students are facing is too much stress from homework. by Mind Map: Define the Problem The problem is that students are facing    is too much stress from homework.

1. Explore the Alternatives Possible Solutions: 1. Students could have an organised notebook/schedule of all the assignments needed to be done so they don't forget anything. 2. Have stickies placed as an app on your laptop so that you are reminded of assignments and you can do them one day in advance. 3. If your activity starts at 4:15 they could join a homework club or a math help club where they are offered help from teachers to do homework. 4. To study and prepare for tests and homework students could meet in the library where they ultimate access to books and resources. 5. Create a study group if you are stressed about an assignment you missed. 6. Don't overbook yourself- limit your activities to what you can manage.

1.1. Consider the Consequences Consequences: Consequences: 1. The positives of having an organised planner or notebook is that I can realise what my assignments are and have a structured plan on when to complete them. The negatives are that I might not have time to write all my assignments down. 2. Positives: It will be obvious and clear to me what assignments I need to have done because of using stickies. Negatives: I may have too many stickies and that will simply leave me more cluttered and jumbled than before. 3. Positives: I could have a quit and focussed area to study and finish work without distractions along with get help from teachers. Negatives: there may not always be a club open for this activity. 4. Positives: I could go to the library and study for a test before my activities as it is a good and quiet learning environment with access to a printer. Negatives: There are special events and times when the library is closed or used/booked for these facilities. 5. Positives: It is always nice to have help from peers as they could help you understand a concept which you have missed. Negatives: Although this is helpful sometimes I have to be careful that I am not letting them do the work for me! 6. Positives: With keeping my schedule not overpacked I could have more time to study and not have to worry too much about if I would finish the assignment. Negatives: There are times when I have to commit to certain events after school so I have a flooded schedule. I find the most practical and successful solutions to be #1 having an organised planner. #3 Attending Homework club/ math help club. #4 Using the library as a studying facility. and #5 Creating a study group.

1.1.1. Identify Your Values My long-term goal is to not procrastinate as I usually do and become more organised so that I am not up too late working on assignments. As mentioned before the alternatives which I feel would work for me the most and I feel is the most practical are #1 Having an organised planner. I know this is practical and helpful for me as I have kept my own note book like this in 6th grade and I felt much more relieved that I had strategically planned out my work and I could realise how long to spend on each assignment. Also #3, Attending Homework/math club is practical for me as Ms.Torpey is my home base teacher and I know she is part of that club after school. There are multiple days which this club meets which also coincides with my after school activities! Also I know that if there is no club that day I also have the library. Lastly an alternative that is successful is creating a study group. Skype is downloaded onto all our computers and many of us already have accounts on our smart phones this allows us because of technology to have video calls to discuss assignments. I have recently taken part in a couple of these group homework calls and I found that we really cleared the objective of our assignments up for each other. Evaluate the Results How did your decision work out? My decision worked out pretty well for the areas upon which I have already worked upon. For example I have a notebook in which I write down my assignments which allows me to be less forgetful and allowed me to write down all my thoughts and reminders for my assignments. Also although I have not been to homework/math help club yet my peers have recommended it to me and they said that they were able to accomplish and finish a lot of their homework because of the good learning environment. Also the group call which I had with my peer helped me understand more about what I missed during class and I further understood the concept that was taught. How has it affected your life? It affected my life as I now understand the purpose of our teachers giving us the assignments every other day which allowed us to get the work done a day in advance. This helped me as when I would get back late from school or a prayer I would not have "that" much homework to be completed. How has it affected others? It has affected others as not only did I receive help from my peers from the group call although I helped them as well :) What did you learn? I learnt that I could be a little more organised if I put just a little more effort and plan myself out more I can have less stress on assignments. If you could do it over again, what would you do differently? If I could do it over again I feel that I would use my learning and try to do my homework earlier so that I am not crammed with homework and studying in one night.