Define the Problem The problem is that a student is getting bullied by another student.

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Define the Problem The problem is that a student is getting bullied by another student. by Mind Map: Define the Problem The problem is that a student is getting bullied by another student.

1. Explore the Alternatives - Ask the student to stop bullying you because it hurts - Tell a teacher about your problem - Tell a parent about your problem so they could talk to the kids parents - Ignore the bully so they see that you don't get affected by their mean taunts. - Stand up to the bully - Gather a group of friends to back you up on standing up to the bully

1.1. Consider the Consequences 1. The bully might laugh and do it more because he/she sees that it bother you 2. If you tell a teacher than the bully would probably get punished and see that their acts follows a consequence and would stop bullying you 3. If a parent were to talk to the bullies parent then the bullies parent would probably punish the bully more than a teacher would and the bully would probably come to apologize for his acts 4. If you were to ignore the bully they would probably leave you alone and pick on somebody else because they see it doesn't affect you 5. If you stand up to the bully they may react in a different wrong way and see that your trying to stand up to him and he would treat you more harshly 6. If you gathered a group of friends to stand up to the bully that would probably act like your ganging up on him which would kind off make you a bully

1.1.1. Identify Your Values Personal values may affect your decisions. Make sure to do the following: Consider your long-term goals as well as the beliefs of your family and culture. Consider your own and others’ health and safety, and your self-respect. Identify those choices that are a good match for your values. Decide and Act The best act would be to tell a teacher or parent if you are getting bullied. I chose these two acts because then a teacher or parent would tell the bully to stop in a strong way and show him that his acts result in major consequences. This would probably penetrate the bullies mind that bullying has consequences and he would apologize and stop all bullying. Evaluate the Results How did your decision work out? My decision worked out pretty well because I think I made the right choices on what to do with a bully. I chose to tell a teacher about my problem when I was at break time. The teacher asked me a lot of questions about who is he what did he do and I though how bad would it be if I told the teacher everything. When I told the teacher he immediately called the bully and had a long talk with him. The next day the bully apologized to me and said he was very sorry and that he had learnt his lesson. How has it affected your life? It has affected my life in a very good way as now I do not get bullied and if I do I usually just say I'm gonna tell a teacher or just ignore them and the bully would just stop. Now I don't get bullied. How has it affected others? Other people came to know about my situation earlier about getting bullied and I told them that everything works out if you tell a teacher and the bully would just stop. So my friends if they got bullied they did the same thing and I came with them to tell teachers if people were getting bullied if they were to afraid to do it by themselves. Now I think bullying has been extinguished completely in the whole school. What did you learn? I learned that adults and teachers are there to help students they aren't their enemies. I learned that I can trust a teacher with some hard problems like bullying. But sometimes smaller issues have to be solved on your own. If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? The first thing I would do would be to not get into the problem in the first place. If someone tried to bully me again I would just walk away and ignore them because if you engage in conversation with a bully it shows them that your bothered by it, which is what they want or it means to them that your an easy target.