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Languages by Mind Map: Languages

1. GERMANY:: Within the Indo-European family, the German part of the western branch of the Germanic languages​​, a total of 98 million people speak German as their mother tongue. It is a language that is spoken by 178 million people.

2. Dialect or languages is a system of verbal or gestural communication with a human community.

3. There are over 7,000 languages ​​in the world. Of all the languages ​​only twelve are the most important in the world.

4. CHINO MANDARÍN: Is estimated that there are over 1,151 million speakers of Chinese as a first or second language, Chinese is according to experts, one of the most difficult languages​​.

5. SPANISH: Spanish is a Romance language of the Iberian group. 420 million Spaniards have Spanish as their first language, which makes it the second most spoken language in the world. It is a global language spoken by 500 million people.

5.1. RUSIIAN: Russian belongs to the Indo-European family. Number of speakers: there are 154 million people who have Russian as their mother tongue is a language spoken by 277 million people worldwide.

6. ENGLISH: It is the third most spoken language in the world, with 375 million speakers. We have the first and second language speakers 508 million, and is estimated to speak in the world over 1,000 million people.

6.1. PORTUGUESE An estimated 216 million people speak Portuguese as their mother tongue. It is a language spoken by nearly 250 million people worldwide.:

7. HINDI: Over 311 million people speak Hindi as their mother tongue, and is expected to speak about 490 million people worldwide.

7.1. JAPANESE: The Japanese have their origin in the family of the Japanese language. 127 million people have Japanese as their first language, and it is a language spoken by 132 million people around the world.

8. ARABE: Arabic is the religious language of Islam. It is considered the eighth most spoken language in the world. Many people spread across the Arab world have notions on religious issues.

9. FRANCE: It is considered the ninth most spoken language in the world and uses five diacritics (acute accent, circumflex, grave, cedilla and umlauts). The Spanish have difficulty pronouncing, although it is easily predictable.

10. COREAN: Korean is difficult for Spanish speakers, especially grammar and vocabulary.

11. ITALIAN: Italian is a Romance language, belonging to the Indo-European languages​​. It comes from the Florentine dialect. It is the mother tongue of about 60 million people, although the people speak over 70 million worldwide.

12. Learning a second language is not a waste of time as was formerly thought, but this is an investment, because learning another language not only increases the chances of getting a better job positively impacting their personal economic situation but that enriches the social and cultural life of the individual as the language is the key to culture.