Sierra Beach

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Sierra Beach by Mind Map: Sierra Beach

1. Family

1.1. mom and dad

1.1.1. they raised me

1.2. grandma

1.2.1. i can talk to her and do many things with het

1.3. cousin

1.3.1. baby sat me and helped me through many things

2. Hobbies

2.1. softball

2.1.1. have been playing for a long time first sport i ever did

2.2. cross country

2.2.1. was the first sport i played in middle school i also enjoy running

2.3. basketball

2.3.1. fun to do and keeps you in shape lets you be with your friends

3. Friends

3.1. Shelby

3.1.1. she is my bestfriend we met in kingergarden

3.2. Riley

3.2.1. Played softball then she came to Boson and we became really close

3.3. neighbors

3.3.1. they are like a second family, 6 and 3 year old and they are like my little brothers

4. Goals

4.1. job

4.1.1. to become a realitor

4.2. collage

4.2.1. want to graduate

5. Food

5.1. strawberries

5.1.1. my favorite fruit

5.2. pizza

5.2.1. i eat it with my friends and family and it really good food

6. Pet Peeves

6.1. when people dumb

6.1.1. it makes me frustrated,beause they do it for attention

6.2. chewing with mouth open

6.2.1. it i disgusting

7. How i spend you day

7.1. at school

7.1.1. i am learning so i can get a good job

7.2. watching tv

7.2.1. i watch tv for the entertainment

7.3. jump on the trampoline

7.3.1. i jump with my neighbors and they are a big part of my life

8. Memerios

8.1. going on my first upsode dwon rollor coaster

8.1.1. i love rollor coaster and my first time on an upside down rollor coaster was one of my best memerios

8.2. going to kindergarden

8.2.1. i was so scared to go to kindergarden,but i had the best time and i met many new friends

9. Fear

9.1. snakes

9.1.1. they are slimmy and nasty

9.2. spiders

9.2.1. they crawl and they scare me

9.3. drowning

9.3.1. i dont want to die that way

10. Identity

10.1. glasses

10.1.1. i have really bad eyes

10.2. blond hair

10.2.1. the color hair i got from my family

11. Things i know about

11.1. i know many things bout my friends

11.2. family

11.2.1. know many things i know about my family