The Brain

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The Brain by Mind Map: The Brain

1. disintegrative disorder: The disorder or childhood disintegrative syndrome, also known as Heller's syndrome and disintegrative psychosis, is a rare disease characterized by late onset (> 2 years of age) of developmental delays in language, social function and motor skills . Researchers have failed to find a cause for this disorder.

2. Asperger Disorder: Asperger syndrome or Asperger disorder is a set of mental and behavioral problems that is part of the autism spectrum disorders. It falls within the pervasive developmental disorders (ICD-10, Chapter V, F84).

3. Autistic Disorder: Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by severe developmental deficit, permanent and profound. Affecting socialization, communication, imagination, planning and emotional reciprocity, and is evidenced by repetitive or unusual behaviors.

4. brainstem: The brainstem is the posterior part of the brain and connects the brain to the spinal cord. It controls many vital functions such as blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. Nerve impulses to and from the cerebellum and the brain must travel through the brain stem.

5. The limbic system: The limbic system is located in the forebrain and involves the hypothalamus, thalamus, hippocampus and amygdala. It is often referred to as the emotional brain as it controls the emotions and memories. The hypothalamus regulates body temperature and controls both the emotions and impulses crucial.

6. The cerebellum: The cerebellum is part of the hindbrain and, as the brain has two hemispheres. It contains more than half of the neurons in the brain and is responsible for motor control, sensory perception and coordination.

7. The brain (Latin cerebrum, with its Indo-European root "ker" head on top of his head and 'brum' carry; archaic taking what is worn on the head meaning) is a very general term and understood as the process of centralization and cephalization of the nervous system more complex the animal kingdom.