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Mark Mosher Music Projects 2012 by Mind Map: Mark Mosher Music Projects
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Mark Mosher Music Projects 2012


Guthman Musical Instrument Competiation Feb. 2012

Mountain Skies Electro-Music Festival in Asheville, NC May 2012


Talk on AudioCubes

Electro-Music Festival NY Sept. 2012


Talk on Sound Design with Alchemy

Analog Synth Improv Video 12K Views

Sound Design & Beta Testing


Beta Testing and Factory Sounds for Rob Papen's Blade

Tone2 RayBlaster Beta Testing

Music Releases

New Original Music

Albums, No Ghosts. Just Fear. (Dark Ambient)

Singles, Contributions to Albums for Charity, Take To the Trees, Track on album. 100% Proceeds to Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, "Inside the Grid on Altair IV"


Fluorescent Echo Glow

Original Songs on Compilations

Mountain Skies Electro-Music Festival 2012 Sampler CD

Electro-Music NY Festival 2012 Sampler CD

"Digital Graffiti" Compilation Album Featuring Denver & Boulder Artists


Blogging on Modulate This! (Which Turned 7 This Year)

Started The Boulder Synthesizer Meetup


Work on STEM music Labs with Denver Adams-12 School District

Participated on “The Spirit of Educational Innovation” Panel at Ribbon Cutting for New STEM Launch Denver School

Ableton Workshop for Educators

"Guest judge" for "Advanced Digital Audio Production" class at the University of Denver Digital Media Studies