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Wiki-Dairy by Mind Map: Wiki-Dairy
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Animal Welfare



Human Health

Production Practices



Dairy Processors

Government Agencies

Non-Government Agencies

Related Industries

This list of related industries is not necessarily for posting wiki.  It is to be used as a resource to track down information.   These look very CA based (as far as the beef processing, etc). This is to be a nationwide effort, right?


Trade Associations


Dino: If you decide to make changes please put your name here and pick a color for your changes so it is easy to see who does what. Feel free to change the structure of the tree if it makes more sense than what you see now. If you have questions or comments either leave a note on the item in question or a note under your name here. Thanks, Dino

Dino G

Dino: Just want to thank you for stopping by and contributing to this project.  Technology can be a lot of fun if you let it.

Janice P

Ray P