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Wiki-Dairy by Mind Map: Wiki-Dairy

1. Issues

1.1. Animal Welfare

1.1.1. Animal Handling Branding Dehorning Surgeries Tail Docking Transportation

1.1.2. Animal Health Diseases Communicable Evironmental Metabolic

1.1.3. Animal Housing Cafos Calf Hutches Free Stalls Bedding Concrete Open Lots Pasture Veal Crates

1.1.4. Animal Nutrition Feed Ingreedients Additives Byproducts Energy Feed Forages Protein Feed Vitamins & Minerals NRC Professional Nutritionists Training Certifications

1.1.5. Prop 2

1.1.6. Certification National FARM program

1.2. Economics

1.2.1. Family Farms Estate Tax Succession planning Urban Flight

1.2.2. Jobs

1.2.3. Labor Heat Stress Immigration Reform Overtime Unions Wages

1.2.4. Local impact

1.2.5. Markets Feed Commodity Pricing Ethanol Hedgefunds Milk Anti-Trust Companion markets Cooperatives Federal & California MMOs Gross Margin Insurance Milk Pricing & Pooling Supply Management

1.2.6. Population Growth

1.2.7. Rural Development

1.2.8. Subsidies CCC Cooperative Extention DIEP Disaster Relief MILC Support Price

1.2.9. Trade Free Trade Agreements Trade Bariors Unregulated Imports MPC Casien

1.3. Environment

1.3.1. Air Quality CMP's California Rule 4570 Dust/PM10 Smog/VOC/PM2.5

1.3.2. Conservation Tillage

1.3.3. Endangered Species Delta Smelt Kangaroo Rat Salmon? Tri colored blackbird

1.3.4. GHG/Climate Change AB32 Cap & Trade Carbon Sequestration Methane Digesters Methane Gas Nitrogen Solar Farms Transportation Wind Farms

1.3.5. Land Use Buffer Zones Dairy building codes Permits Authority to construct Animal Units Eminent domain Land Trusts Urban Sprawl Williamson Act

1.3.6. Resource Managment Manure management Composting Discharges Distribution Separation Soil Salts Nitrates Water Ground Water Irrigation Technology Regulation Surface Water

1.3.7. Water Quality CERCLA/EPRA/Superfund Ground Water NPDES Permits Nutrient Management Surface Water Waste Discharge Requirements

1.3.8. Dead animal management Rendering Composting Emergency management

1.4. Human Health

1.4.1. Antibiotic Resistance

1.4.2. Food Safety National Animal Id Tracability

1.4.3. Hormones Reproductive GNRH Lut Cedars Growth BGH Posilac rBST

1.4.4. Human Nutrition

1.4.5. Milk Processing Homoginization Pasteurisation Raw Milk

1.4.6. Milk Quality Standards California Standards Federal Standards Fortification Solids Non-Fat Somatic Cells

1.4.7. Obesity

1.5. Production Practices

1.5.1. Corporate Consolidation

1.5.2. Family Farms

1.5.3. Local

1.5.4. Organic

1.5.5. Sustainable

1.5.6. Technology Crop Biotech Pesticides Equipment GPS Satellite infrared imaging Variable rate application

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Corporate

2.1.1. Agrochem BASF Bayer Crop Science Croplan Dow Agrosciences DuPont/Pioneer Monsanto Syngenta

2.1.2. Feedstuffs ADM Cargill

2.1.3. Pharma Elanco Fort Dodge Novartis Phizer Schering-Plough

2.2. Dairy Processors

2.2.1. Cooperative California Dairies Inc. Dairy Farmers Of America Land O Lakes

2.2.2. Private Foster Farms Hilmar Cheese Luprino Producers Dairy

2.2.3. Public Dean foods Kraft Saputo

2.3. Government Agencies

2.3.1. Non-Regulatory FSA NRCS UC Coop Extention

2.3.2. Regulatory CDFA Cal EPA CalOSHA California Air Resources Board California Water Quality Control Board FDA US EPA USDA

2.4. Non-Government Agencies

2.4.1. Sustainable Conservation

2.4.2. Western United Environmental Services

2.5. Related Industries

2.5.1. Auction Yards A & M Livestock Auction Martella Livestock Auction Overland Stockyards Tulare County Auction Tulare County Stockyards in Dinuba

2.5.2. Beef processing BPI Central Valley/Coehlo Meat Harris Ranch

2.5.3. Calf Ranches Grimmius Mendes Vlot Brothers New node

2.5.4. Environmental / Civil Engineers Provost & Prichard Manny Souza

2.5.5. Other Livestock Pork Poultry Layers Meat

2.5.6. Rendering

2.5.7. Retail Food Albertsons Costco Safeway Walmart Meijers Krogers

2.5.8. Row Crops Corn National Corn Growers Assoc. Cotton Trade Associations Soybeans Trade assoc. National Trade assoc State/Reg

2.5.9. Veterinarians

2.6. Research

2.6.1. Private

2.6.2. Public Cal Poly SLO Fresno State UC Davis UC Coop Extention

2.7. Trade Associations

2.7.1. Beef Beef Checkoff

2.7.2. Dairy Organizations California Farm Bureau Federation California Milk Advisory Board Dairy CARES Dairy Council of California Dairy Export Council Dairy Marketing Inc. National Milk Producers Federation Western United Dairymen Programs CDQAP Dairy FARM CWT

2.7.3. Related Industries California Feed and Grain Association


3.1. Dino G

3.2. Janice P

3.3. Ray P

3.4. MPK