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Science by Mind Map: Science

1. Seeds

1.1. Many plants produce flowers.

1.2. Part of the flower sometimes becomes a fruit.

1.3. You can find seeds inside fruits.

1.4. There are many different types of seeds..

1.5. When seeds are planted, they grow into new plants

1.6. Beautiful sunflowers all start from being a seed.

2. Photosynthesis

2.1. Causes the leaves to stay green in the summer.

2.2. Process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar.

2.3. This process happens in plants.

2.4. Chlorophyll keeps the leaves green all summer and breaks down in the fall.

3. Animals

3.1. There are many different kinds of animals.

3.2. They all eat different things and live in different atmosphere.

3.3. The most common are dogs and cats. But there are also some wild animals, too.

3.4. Some live in gardens, forests, under ground, ponds, or the ocean

4. Senses

4.1. Your body reacts to changes in the world around you.

4.2. Your ears tell you about sounds that go on around you.

4.3. Your body can feel and hear vibrations.

4.4. Your nose tells you about smells; such as an adult's cooking.

4.5. You tongue tells you about certain tastes you put in your mouth.

4.6. Your eyes tell you about light, different colors, and the outdoors.

4.7. When you touch something, your skin can feel if it is rough or smooth, and hot or cold.

5. Shadows

5.1. Light comes from different sources.

5.2. Sources such as the sun, candles, and light bulbs.

5.3. While the light shines on a wall or the ground, it makes it look bright.

5.4. When there is not any light, everything is dark. By putting your hand between a light source and a surface, you create a shadow.

5.5. A shadow is a place where no light is shining.

6. Body parts

6.1. Your body has a head which holds your senses.

6.2. Your body as a chest and stomach.

6.3. You have legs, feet, arms, and hands.

7. Nature

7.1. Some things come from nature. They are natural.

7.2. Lots of fruit comes from nature. There are trees in places such as Hawaii, that carry coconuts and pineapples.

7.3. Leather comes from the skin of a cow and is used to make shoes.

7.4. Humans depend on nature in order to survive.

7.5. Cotton is from a plant, and is used by humans to make clothing.

8. Butterfly Life Cycle

8.1. A butterfly begins as a tiny round object. The eggs are placed by the female butterflies on leaves, stems, or anything near the caterpillar food.

8.2. The next stage is when that egg develops into a caterpillar, or larva. It is a long worm.

8.3. After time passes, the pupa is the transformation stage where the caterpillar tissues are broken down and the structures on the soon to be butterfly, are being formed.

8.4. Then, the adult butterfly is colorful and ready to fly!

9. Movement

9.1. Living things can move by themselves.

9.2. Some living things move slowly, yet others move quick. For example, turtles move more slow, and lions are fast.

9.3. Certain things run, others swim; such as fish. Others, like birds and bats, can fly. Monkeys can climb, and spiders crawl.

10. Motions

10.1. Pushes and pulls are forces that make things move fast or slow.

10.2. You can feel motions in a car, on a boat, or on a bike.

10.3. Pushes and pulls can also make things stop moving.

10.4. By grabbing a butterfly, you have caused it to stop flying.

11. Growing

11.1. All living things grow in shape.

11.2. They get taller and some get bigger all around.

11.3. All living things grow, when you eat, your body uses some of that food to help you grow.

11.4. Your bones get bigger and stronger, along with muscle growth.

12. Evaporation

12.1. Certain things respond to heat by getting runny..

12.2. If you have an ice cream cone outside on a hot day, and do not eat it quick, it will melt.

12.3. They change from a solid to a liquid.