Year 3

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Year 3 by Mind Map: Year 3

1. Learner Profile

1.1. Motivational posters

1.1.1. Searching for pictures from image search websites

1.1.2. Talk about what each word means (in groups?) and think of a 'freeze frame' for each profile attribute. save pictures to a folder on Kidnet upload to website use befunky to edit the pics (requires account)

1.1.3. Use pictures of book characters/movie stars/cartoon characters etc. from the Internet, like this Michael Jackson video...

2. Language Arts (writing Letters)

2.1. BBC Bitesize activity

2.2. Design own letter-writing paper using Powerpoint or ActivPrimary

2.2.1. Using the 'washout' effect or changing the transparancy of an image can create a watermark behind the lined paper

2.3. Link with email

2.3.1. Connect with another school.

2.4. Write to local organisations to ask about conservation of natural resources

3. UOI

3.1. Sharing the Planet

3.1.1. websites eekoworld -- interactive website with animations about the environment and our responsibility towards protecting it. Activities are very engaging. Meet The Greens -- Lots of animations and 'blogs' about reducing energy consumption breathing earth -- Live Carbon emissions website

3.2. Can use this Mindmapping software to demonstrate ideas and show how they change and develop over the course of the inquiry (using different colours as idea develop). Or it could be used as a pre-assessment tool for kids to write about what they know about each line of inquiry, with 'burning questions' highlighted a different colour (e.g. 'what is interdependence')